Concrete Repairs

Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures i.e. Spalling and Crack Repair

Solvocore CC can assist with any Concrete Rehabilitation needs.

Concrete Rehabilitation

Concrete Structures can begin to weather due to age and corrosive environments, such as Chemical, Sewerage and Industrial Plants. This can have an Aesthetic or Structural impact on the ageing structures. Typically, these structures will start spalling and may start revealing
cracks that needs to be repaired.

Rehabilitation and Repairs of Concrete Structures

We have also found

That poor workmanship may cause defects in concrete structures that must be repaired by competent trained teams.

Solvocore CC can assist with:

Diagnostics on the affected structures

Prepare Method Statements for the repair
of the defects

Repair of:

  • Concrete Spalling
  • Structural Cracks
  • Weathered Joint Sealing
  • Honeycombed Concrete Structures
  • Remove and Repair Delaminated Concrete
  • Sandblast and Corrosive protection to rusted Reinforcing