Concrete Scanning

Concrete Diagnostics, Rebar Spacing and Rebar Coverage

Using our scanner we can assist with the following:

Structural Concrete Scanning:

Concrete scanning is used for different applications in the Building and Civil Engineering Environment. With our scanner we are able to scan broad areas of concrete.  We are also able to detect objects in multiple layers, as well as the condition of the concrete.

Our scanners are equipped with three Radar antennae to scan up to 300mm deep in wet concrete and 400mm deep in hardened concrete, providing 2D and 3D images in real time; these can then be exported into a report.

Concrete Scanning

Our system can be used for:

  • Detect hidden rebar, post tension tendons, metal, electric cables and pipes.​
  • Mark out existing rebar positions in slabs and walls before activities such a drilling etc.
  • Determine the existing cover of rebar and spacing for rebar that can be used in design checks etc.
  • Full concrete rebar reports can be exported and provided.​

Our teams are trained in using the equipment to gain the maximum benefit from the scans and with our trained engineer we can generate a report that will indicate the information required by our clients to effectively use the data for their analysis.

Over the years we have scanned several structures and generated reports for clients in the Residential, Commercial, Mining, Industrial and Infrastructure environments for Design Engineering Firms, Consulting Firms and Contractors.

Concrete Scanner
Process of concrete scanning
concrete scanning