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What is Concrete Wire Cutting & Sawing?

Concrete Wire Cutting / Sawing

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the sawing and drilling of concrete using special saws with diamond crystals embedded in the saw blades.

The most common concrete cutting is wall sawing, core drilling and slab or flat sawing. Concrete cutting is a specialised activity that requires specific skills, which is why only qualified concrete cutting operators are used for the task.

Solvocore provides all the different concrete cutting services including:  
Floor saw cutting LINK: https://solvocore.co.za/floor-saw-cutting/
Hand held circular sawing LINK: https://solvocore.co.za/hand-held-circular-sawing/
Wall saw cutting LINK: https://solvocore.co.za/wall-saw-cutting/
Wire cutting and wire sawing LINK: https://solvocore.co.za/wire-cutting-sawing/

In the process of concrete cutting, other materials are often encountered and can be cut just as effectively. These include
cured, reinforced, pre-cast, pre-stressed, and green concrete (concrete manufactured with waste material as a component)
Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877705814032494
concrete and clay paving

Concrete cutting is often used in repairing bridges, parking garages, nuclear power plants, highways and dam walls. Link: https://solvocore.co.za/projects/

Concrete Wire Sawing

Concrete wire sawing is a modern innovation in cutting concrete with a wire “blade”.  It is used in challenging concrete removal projects and the wire is used as an abrasive technique to sand through the concrete.

Wire sawing is used in projects where traditional sawing is ineffective or inadequate, such as with irregular objects or where deep cuts are needed. It can cut very precise and makes cutting flush to floors or roofs possible. It cuts load bearing structures without getting caught as is the case with traditional blades.  It is often used on accident damaged bridges or docks because it is fast, minimally disruptive and clean.

Diamond Wire Cutting

Concrete diamond wire cutting is the cutting of concrete with a diamond wire “blade”.

Diamond wire is a stainless steel casing or rope, impregnated with diamond beads or dust, in a plastic or rubber coating, used as a saw or cutter. Thanks to the flexible nature of diamond wire, it can be wrapped and strung around, or through, any structure of any diameter. This allows for the wire saw to be used at virtually any angle and on a wide range of diameters.

An advantage of diamond wire cutting is that it creates much less waste material than solid blades. For this reason it is often used where expensive material is cut, or in complex situations, especially where heavily reinforced steel is present.

Concrete Wire Cutting

Concrete wire cutting are used in bigger projects especially where other cutting methods fall short. The wire-cutting process creates little vibration which reduces the risk of structural damage. It does not create fumes, and little noise, dust and debris, which makes wire sawing the preferred concrete sawing method in crowded areas and occupied buildings.

Concrete cutting, especially wire cutting, is a specialised job with specialised tools which can result in serious injury or financial loss if not properly operated. For this reason Solvocore only use highly trained concrete cutters, in disciplined teams, under professional supervision.

Solvocore provides concrete cutting services in Gauteng and Limopo as well as areas served by Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

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