Crack Injection

Seal Structural Cracks in concrete members.

Using the latest technology in equipment and material, we can repair any concrete cracks from hairline cracks through to wider structural cracks.

Crack Injection & Repair

With our experienced teams we can assist in finding solutions for different types of cracks using different repair methods.

From using Low Viscosity Epoxy that can be gravity fed or pressure pumped, through to the installation of Carbon Fibre Staples.

We can assist our clients to identify structural cracks in existing concrete structures as well identifying the cause of the cracks.

Once the cracks and the cause have been identified we can assist our client to find the best solution to repair the cracks that will prevent erosion of reinforcing and stop future deterioration of the concrete structure.

This solution can be populated in a Method Statement and will include a Quality Control Plan to ensure the cracks are repaired with proper hold and witness points during the project.

Our teams are trained by our material suppliers to ensure quality of our workmanship are up to standard and that we will get maximum life span on the repairs done.

Our teams have been involved on Major projects in Mining, Industrial, Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Infrastructure and Commercial Buildings and have gained a lot of experience over the years to ensure we give our client the best solution possible.

Crack Injection Repair
Crack Injection Repair
Crack Injection Repair
Crack Injection Repair