Monthly Safety award

Proud to be part of this Project and a great team! Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and others at all times.

We have invested a lot of time and resources into training and ensuring competency of our employees. All work is done with the correct PPE and as per the Safety Regulations of the construction industry.


Our site personnel are medically certified.


Our site supervision has been trained in the following:

  • First aid (level 1)
  • Working at heights with harness inspection
  • HIRA
  • Legal liability
  • Fire fighting
  • Construction Regulations
  • OHS act


Our site personnel have all the required PPE, including fire retardant overalls, to ensure that we comply with the mining, industrial, civil, building and private sectors.


Site personnel are all certified competent on all equipment used on site and PTO’s are done continuously to ensure all employees remain competent.

Risk Assessments

Supervisors are all trained in Hazard Identification Risk Assessments (HIRA) to ensure all project risks are identified and mitigation measure are in place to ensure the safety of our employees at all times. These will include major project risk assessments and task specific risk assessments.

Letter of Good Standing

 Solvocore keeps this up to date as per the legal requirements.